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Essential Wills

Everyone in Western Australia above the age of 18 should have a WIll. The Will is a legal document that sets out the will maker’s wishes for the distribution of their assets after death and the appointment of legal guardians for their minor children.

Included in this offer:

  • Intake Interview with an estate planning lawyer 

  • Unlimited number of questions answered 

  • Preparation of your Standard Will including:

    • the appointment of your executor/s and substitute (back-up) executor/s

    • the appointment of a legal guardian and back-up guardian to look after your minor children

    • basic estate planning advice with respect to your beneficiaries, including your spouse, children, grandchildren and others

    • advice on a number of possibilities and traps that may arise and circumstances under which you should change your Will

    • advice to assist you to avoid intestacy, on whether your Will may result in a claim on your estate and if so what steps you should now take to deal with the possibility of that claim 

    • disposal of body wishes (if any)

    • organ donation (if any)

  • Signing meeting / Preparation of signing instructions

  • Comprehensive letter of advice

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