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Estate Planning Ultimate Package

Included in this offer:

  • Intake Interview with an estate planning lawyer

  • Unlimited number of questions answered

  • Lawyer drafted 2 complex wills with testamentary trusts for surviving spouse and children including:

    • testamentary discretionary trusts

    • superannuation proceeds trust to capture any death benefits paid into your estate

    • appointment of your executor/ trustee/appointor and back-up executor/trustee/appointor

    • appointment of a testamentary guardian and back-up guardian to look after any minor children

    • tailored estate planning advice with respect to your beneficiaries, including your spouse, children, grandchildren and others

    • tailored advice in relation to the number of trusts to set up and what assets to put into each trust

    • advice in relation to the provisions governing the trust

    • advice on a number of possibilities and traps that may arise and circumstances under which you should change your Will

    • advice to assist you to avoid intestacy, on whether your Will may result in a claim on your estate and if so what steps you should now take to deal with the possibility of that claim

    • disposal of body wishes (if any)

    • Instructions to executors

  • Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) x 2 - attorney for financial and property

  • Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPG) x 2 - guardian for healthcare and lifestyle

  • Advance Health Directove (AHD) x 2 - decisions about medical treatment

  • Advise about binding death benefit nominations

  • Meeting to sign documents

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