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Free Initial Assessment

This is a brief 15 min video or phone call with an estate planning solicitor to discuss your wishes, the extent of your assets and family dynamics.

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Get a quote

Based on the free initial assessment you will get a fixed fee quote and a scope for the services required.

3 —

Estate planning questionnaire

You will complete a comprehensive but concise online questionnaire to elicit all the necessary information to prepare your estate plan

4 —

First meeting

Review questionnaire with estate planning solicitor, identify beneficiaries, executors, trustees, attorneys and guardians, discuss the extent of your financial interests.

5 —

Review documents

Draft documents are emailed or posted to you to review at your own pace and on your own time.

6 —

Second meeting

Meet with your estate planning solicitor to discuss the draft documents, receive an explanation of what each document really does, have all your questions answered and sign your documents. 


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