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Important update: duplicate certificates of title will soon no longer be a valid legal document

On 7 August 2023, the land conveyancing process in Western Australia changed - duplicate titles will no longer be issued or able to be used.

If you have a duplicate title, it is no longer legally valid. However, you can keep the document as a memento and need not return it to Landgate.

The certificate of title is the authoritative source of land ownership. You can access this information by ordering online a record of the certificate of title, which provides a current ownership record with any registered interests and encumbrances for that parcel.

From 7 August 2023, holding a copy of someone else’s duplicate certificate of title as security for any interest you have in that property will no longer have any legal effect.

To safeguard your interest, it needs to be recognised on the original certificate of title.

If you hold a duplicate certificate of title as security for an interest in a property and have yet to register that interest on the title, you should seek urgent legal advice.

For the complete list of FAQs, please visit the Landgate website.


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